Over the weekend (March 29th, to be exact) was Arduino day.  For those not familiar with Arduino, just google it and be amazed with what can be done with these simple, cheap and open source microcontrollers.

I bought two clone boards from  They were on sale for a ridiculously low price.  They’re so far on back order I don’t know when I’ll actually get them… stay tuned!


Update (4/3/2014):  Sparkfun did send an email thanking me for the order, and noting just how many orders they received.  They did warn that it may be a while before the orders ship, due to the backlog.  Since my order hasn’t charged yet (it will when the items ship), I’m still a contented customer – in fact, the openness on Sparkfun’s part in acknowledging the backlog and warn that things may take a while speaks volumes for their customer service.  So far, well done Sparkfun!


Update #2 (5/13/2014):  I received the two boards in perfect condition.  Actually received them at the end of April – so about a month after the sale – not bad at all!!!  Both boards work perfectly and are awaiting the next project – whatever it may be!


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